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We take pride in our passion for outstanding results. Our packages are as unique as the needs of our clients; so when you come to us, you can expect a bespoke service with valuable recommendations as well as styling/creative advice to elevate the outcome.

A lot of what makes a great photograph happens before and after the shoot.

Prior to any shoot it’s important to understand your exact needs and to plan the shoot in detail. This will help to ensure that the results match your expectations.

Once the details have been finalised we can book a mutually agreed date and time. We are very flexible and we can work any day of the week.

Photo shoot: We work connected to the laptop whenever the location allows, so the client can follow the progress of the shoot. If we are working remotely we share low resolution images along the way to make sure the client is happy with the progress.

After each shoot we make an initial draft of the photos and we share them in low resolution with the client so that they can select the final images.

This is the ‘hidden’ time-consuming part of the job! Every selected image is skilfully retouched. Our technical expertise in photo editing ensures the attainment of outstanding results.

Finally, we deliver high resolution images in any requested format and size, ready to be uploaded online or printed. We generally use file sharing sites like WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Each photoshoot is unique and requires individual projects. For this reason, we like to build packages that are tailored to the client’s needs.

Our main desire is to deliver a service (price/quality) that establishes long-lasting relationships with every client.

As shoots can sometimes be challenging, we remain flexible to adapt to shifting goals and do our best to accommodate any changes.

Factors we consider when working out a price include how long the shoot will take, how many photographs, if the shoot is on location, if props and styling are needed and the amount of time invested in post-production.

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