SEBC Photography is a London based photography company specialising in still life and portraiture.

We shoot, retouch, and deliver high-quality images for websites, social media, and print. Whether you need striking headshots of your corporate team, stellar food photography for a website or captivating photos for an editorial, our technical expertise and eye for detail result in powerful images that create a lasting impression.

We also design social media concepts and layouts for businesses, start ups and individuals who want to professionally showcase their product on social media platforms.

Photography allows us to express our creative mind by designing images and scenarios that visually stimulate people. With an academic degree in Photographic Arts and professional experience in the media industry, we take pride in our creative and customised approach and passion for perfect results. We love what we do and this is evident in every facet of our work, from the conceptual stage through to the close of the project.

Photography has been and still very much is a source of personal and professional growth, a life choice that presents us with new challenges, new achievements and new experiences every single day.

Work has taken us the length and breadth of Europe and Asia and it allowed us to meet internationally renowned chefs, learn about diverse cultures and traditions and connect with people from all walks of life.

Our company is based on fundamental values that allow us to establish trustworthy relationships with every client.

Our Values

Creativity: creative thinking is an intellectual resource that inspires innovation in everything we do. This value is the foundation of our journey.

Kindness: we embrace the value of kindness in being respectful towards people we work with; we act with integrity and empathy.

Perseverance: we encourage perceiving obstacles as personal growth; we believe in driving towards success through commitment and dedication.

Growth Mindset: we continually aim to learn and seek development without being afraid of change. Our company is based on a feedback culture where everyone’s ideas are equally important.

Teamwork: we believe in success through collaboration by sharing ideas and experiences to empower others.