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We had the pleasure of working with Ashley M., who describes herself as “a transformational coach on a mission to share the power of coaching with anyone ready to get into the driver’s seat of their life and create positive change”. Ashley has a Certification in Transformational Coaching from an International Coaching Federation and Association of Coaching-accredited program, as well as an Honours degree in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour.

While developing her personal brand, Ashley needed some professional images to use on her website and social media channels.
In preparation for the photo shoot, we helped her with styling tips based on her skin and hair color palette, supporting her in choosing the outfits and looks. We wanted to achieve a natural and professional look through a harmonic color combination and a soft natural light.

Ashley wanted a large variety of images, indoors and outdoors. We helped her with location scouting: we found the perfect studio venue to get natural-looking photographs and a closed-by outdoor space to get a few candid images.

Ashley’s clients describe her as calm and compassionate but not afraid to ask tough questions. Therefore, through these images, we aspired to achieve a professional, serene and confident look.

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