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The Light I Share

This project is a selection of still and moving images taken during a month spent travelling in Myanmar back in February 2019.

The piece doesn’t intend to create a storyline or convey a message about the country. The images are simply a reflection of what we saw, and the people and places we encountered during our trip.

Our aim is to allow the spectator to see the country through our eyes as if they were experiencing these moments as we did.

The tranquillity of the people and places we experienced in 2019 contrasts the current political situation of the country. We believe it is important to highlight this because typically, places and societies affected by wars or civil conflicts are often only portrayed with images of suffering. We become exposed exclusively to those images of pain, which leads us to associate that place solely with war/conflict, forgetting its value besides that.

This is not to say that we should ignore the troubles of the country. But highlighting what Myanmar was like before the military coup in February 2021 can help us to form a relationship with the people and the places on a deeper level, remembering their essential nature.

All images were shot on 35mm film and have not been edited or retouched. The raw nature of the photographic film emphasises their purity and authenticity. It was essential for us to make this project as organic as possible.

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